LSU issues statement after gymnastics star Olivia Dunne promoted AI homework tool on TikTok


LSU gymnastics star Olivia Dunne is at the center of an educational dilemma. Dunne, who has over 7.2 million followers on TikTok, promoted a new artificial intelligence service designed to help students in the classroom.

The AI tool curates writing prompts based on certain verbal phrases. According to The Advocate, Dunne partnered with Caktus AI in the TikTok video. The paid promotion shows Dunne speaking the phrase “gymnastics is the hardest sport.” The AI service translates the phrase into a written sentences based on the prompt.

This week, LSU addressed concerns regarding AI services. In a statement, the university referred to the Code of Conduct as AI service usage could result in academic misconduct.

"At LSU, our professors and students are empowered to use technology for learning and pursuing the highest standards of academic integrity," LSU said. "However, using AI to produce work that a student then represents as one’s own could result in a charge of academic misconduct, as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct."



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