Most US graduates who start their first job underemployed can't find college-level jobs 10 years later: report


  • US graduates who start their careers underemployed usually stay that way for years, per a new report.
  • About 73% of graduates who don't find college-level jobs in their first working year stay underemployed 10 years later.
  • Working in a college-level job gives graduates about a 50% higher salary, the report said.

Your first job after college is crucial to the next 10 years of your career and salary, according to a new joint report by two research firms.

Bachelor's degree holders in the US who finish their first working year while underemployed — in a job that doesn't require their full skills, education, or availability — usually end up staying underemployed. This is according to a report published on Thursday by the Strada Education Foundation and employment data research firm Burning Glass Institute.

Around 73% of those who don't get college-level jobs in their first year after graduation end up stuck in underemployment 10 years later, the report said.



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