Transfer Students See Low Acceptance Rates At America’s Top Colleges


In a year marked by policy changes, legal challenges and botched logistics, this college admissions cycle is being watched particularly closely.

Can the recent small rebound in enrollment be maintained? Will universities be able to overcome the bungled rollout of the Department of Education’s revised Free Application for Federal Student Aid that’s caused widespread havoc with financial aid offers? What will be the near-term impact of the Supreme Court’s prohibition of race-conscious admission policies?

While most media attention will be focused on the acceptance and enrollment of first-time, first-year students, another important enrollment outcome — particularly as an increasing number of students are considering their options for containing the costs of going to college — is the admission of transfer students.

How many transfer students apply to the nation’s leading institutions? How often are they accepted? And how do those outcomes compare to the admission of first-year students?


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