A professor said her students think Americans make six figures on average. That’s a long way off.


The question asked by Nina Strohminger to her students at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania was straightforward: What did they think the average American makes in annual wages?

Some of the answers, however, were not what the professor of legal studies and business ethics expected from one of the country’s most prestigious business schools, she said.

“I asked Wharton students what they thought the average American worker makes per year and 25% of them thought it was over six figures,” she tweeted Wednesday. “One of them thought it was $800k.”

Strohminger, who put the real answer at about $45,000 a year, had a hard time wrapping her head around what some Wharton students believed was an average wage.

“Really not sure what to make of this,” she wrote.

Neither did the Internet.


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