Using diversity to drive innovation

Kristian Ribberstrom, Chief of Intersectional Design and Master Facilitator for the Medici Group, has worked with innovation for companies and organizations globally. Before that he had 10 years of experience in education, curriculum development and facilitation. In this TEDx talk, Kristian encourages us to move the diversity discourse beyond "doing the right thing" and quotas. In practice, diversity drives innovation. We have the greatest chance for truly groundbreaking innovation when we tear down silos, cross boundaries and purposefully learn from the unfamiliar, unknown and unexpected. The theme of TEDxSpringfield's inaugural event held on October 18, 2013, was "Driving Innovation Through Diversity and Inclusion". We are a group of passionate volunteers that believe Springfield and its surrounding areas are full of Ideas Worth Spreading. Springfield is the "City of Firsts" -- the first basketball game, the first motorcycle, the first "Springfield". This event focused on how to use our diversity to bring back the innovation.

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